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Toshiba is a world leader in high technology. Being a broad based manufacturer and supplier, Toshiba offers products and services around computertechnologie, consumer electronics, as well as chipdesign, information technology, along with power systems and household appliances. bplan GmbH is a OEM partner for design and implementation based around Toshibas microcontroller technologie.



IBM is widely known to have invented the "personal computer" (PC) which made use of processors from another famous technology company. Less known is that IBM has a striving semiconductor business of its own. Power ArchitectureTM technology is an instruction-set architecture that spans applications from consumer electronics to supercomputers. Power Architecture encompasses PowerPC®, POWER4TM and POWER5TM processors.



Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. is a global leader in the design andmanufacture of embedded semiconductors for wireless, networking,automotive, consumer and industrial markets. It has more than 10,000customers including 100 of the top global manufacturers.


DCE Computer Service GmbH

DCE Computer Service GmbH was founded in 1986 and offers manufacturing and other services. bplan has had a long-standing history with DCE and partnered with them on various projects.



Genesi is a leading provider of PowerPCTM based computing products.Genesi designs,develops and produces both computing platforms including firmware and supports a number of closed and open source operating systems on avariety of platform implementations.